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What is Kaizen Wellness?

Kaizen Wellness in an Internet-based wellness application designed to enhance and maximize your patients’ access to vital wellness strategies, tools and information, especially in between office visits.  The Kaizen Wellness experience begins with a comprehensive assessment of the six dimensions of well-being.  This provides the patient with an overview of their strengths and weaknesses, which allows them to set and track relevant goals as well as receive targeted information and resources as determined by their doctor.

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Automated Incentivised Growth

Explosive Growth

Kaizen Wellness will exponentially grow your practice by automatically delivering monthly incentivized marketing campaigns designed to inspire, track and reward the behavior you want to see in your patients.  Your patients will earn valuable points as they participate in wellness workshops, engage in healthy challenges, purchase recommended  products or refer in other new patients.  Now  you can build a huge practice by inspiring your patients to new levels of  well-being.

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